Gone are the days, people used to treat films and film stars in a bad way. Now they’re almost gods. Movie is no more an entertainment media. It became a part of everyone’s life especially in South India — the only ENTERTAINMENT. Though, we’ve sports like cricket, shows like KBC, Bigboss — Cinema is a epitome of fun. 

Wish to witness fans celebrating 100 days functions like in those good olden days..

To crack a joke we pitch cinema, to compare we pitch a movie/comedian, to sing/dance/act/laugh/cry/memorise/feel it became a part in our daily routine. Nothing exaggerated and no wrong with it until someone forget that the most powerful media holds some responsibility & acts erroneously.

Audience tends to adapt the hair style of his hero, dress like her heroine, act like his favourite star, make stunt like the super action film, propose like the hero, feel sad like the broken hero/heroine/any character.. Film Stars always says that, audiences were connected to the script or the story, the director wants to narrate. Even the lyrics/tunes are driving our lives.

While most of the film fraternity says, films reflect society and confronts that films doesn’t encourage people to do something in real life, I wonder how fans are really such crazy if they’re not influenced ..

What do they mean by “Connected” then? That wavelength where tastes match drives anyone. If a person tends to act like hero, can also behave like a villain. We are no longer leaving movies at the theatre’s exit gate and the impact of a film retains with the viewer for 48 hours so strongly. All these are my feelings expressing to let myself remember how I used to feel when I look back later.

Here’s the tiny cocoon of a Movie-buff ranting on the craft in various directions.  

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