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5 Apps – You should use to make yourself unique.


In the world of apps like Instagram, Netflix and Spotify.. Here are the 5 coolest apps that offers you showcase your artwork, inspire to learn new skill and bookmark to shop even.

They’re quite popular and might feel boring in the beginning but they work amazing if we think in a broader perspective.

It’s not exaggerated even to call those apps may alter your lifestyle, virtual routine and makes you more creative. After all, without a hobby or an artistic mind — Life is always boring. #AddcolortoyourLIFE

Good Reads logo

There’s nothing like a good book. One may argue more than a book, Life teach us so much. I agree but with respect to time and sometimes to avoid the bad endings that time teach us in our lives, books are the best buddies.

One may not like reading Positive Mental Attitude books but can’t stop listening to Novels or few bedtime Stories.

We all grew up listening to tales of historians, family moments and more. We are the story and our lives are stories. What else would make you feel better and learn simply than a story full of Gnaan and emotions that make you think, inspire and love.

Hence to all the book readers and those who don’t read also, Good Reads is the best app to start your baby steps, I swear.

Good Reads
Good Reads

Dribble is a platform that encourages the designers to showcase their work and even offers people to hire the designers if they like the creativity.

One may call Behance is good app as well which is owned by Adobe, however I feel Dribbble app has more potential to learn, watch and have more fun.

Here’s an artwork from Outcrowd on mobile lockscreen. Check the video!!

LBB Logo

lbb is something like #vocalforlocal kind of platform and is available in India only.

Unlike other platforms which I shared here, lbb offers a wide range of experiences from Shopping to Planning a vacation, Learning a new craft to Gift your loved ones and Showcase your creativity.

lbb app is actually so famous and I took a back step while sharing here but I felt “what if someone isn’t aware of”.. This blog gives me immense satisfaction just like the local people who post their stuff in the app. Feel free to go through the portal.

I’d suggest to give a try here first and then shop. We are one for all and All for one.

It shows the results on location base. If some event is happening in Mumbai, it won’t reflect if you opt Delhi as location. #TIP

LBB Events

Unsplash logo

Loren Cutler

Unsplash is a stock photography platform where one can use multiple pictures shared by the photographers for free without any copyright issue. Few do contain licenses.

If you’re one to submit and showcase your creative eye, this would be a better app compared to Shutter stock app for revenue even (personal choice).

Here’s a sample I found interesting clicked by Loren Cutler.

Medium Logo

Medium is a writer’s platform, you can call as a competitor to word press or maybe not. Anyway, this platform enables you to pour your heart out and show your dynamic thinking.

Those who loves to read a lot and exchange ideas, this platform won’t disappoint you. It’s all about stories and opinions.

Here’s a page I liked the most sharing all those better advice’s like what should we avoid before hitting 30, stopping smart-shaming and many more..

If you’re on the same page like me, give a try and hope this app won’t disappoint you.

Let’s be the similar taste souls!!

Medium Post
Medium Gist
Medium Posts


Hope this post may bring some good change in your lives. Do suggest me if you got something while reading this.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Until next time,

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