A letter to the chatterbox


You may never find out how adorable you are when you doze off after a lengthy conversation without letting others to speak šŸ˜œ

But, still you are cute.. Your blabbering portrays your purest form of love.. As long as someone dumps their greed, fondness and any other emotions they aren’t pure and As elders quote, people who don’t hide anything are the most reliable, you must know you are the best soul.. Not for the outburst and for sharing every feeling which might be bitter that the other person may not like or sweeter which may boost their persona..

So as the aura or the vibe you generates unknowingly while talking out from the heart, you are pretty.

And the moment you doze off, your blank face astonishes “Is this the one who spoke so much smartly, stupidly and sensibly and sleeping like a baby?”

Probably, that’s why any creature which is sleeping seems to be so kind and harmless.. Be it the Tiger, Cat, Panda, Human being #babysleep

Gist is to record the thin layer of fondness towards you after seeing you chatting for hours and now sleeping like a baby šŸ‘£


Until next time,

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