Namaste! Hola!! Hello!!!

Meet Mr. Skinny, Dusky, Vegetarian, Gemini Millennial guy who lives in the memories of 90’s still in his late twenties and love to be. 

A guy with child at heart and portrays all the characters of Gemini including the instant rush of fear and quick mood boosting.

Love to explore and scared to face or step-out even. Can think multiple aspects at a time and do day-dreaming so crazily. 

Ufff!! Wrote too much šŸ˜› Lately, I started #DiscoveringMyself. I bet now i can answer “Tell me about yourself” in a much better version now šŸ˜€ 


I’m not good at any craft/skill/art I believe although we’ve 64.. Oops! 63, can’t be a thief šŸ˜‰

Always have Love/Hate relation on every aspect because I’m imbalanced and inconsistent. Too much of anything I show or I receive tends me to put in that relation.Ā 

I must thank Alessandra and Sreebindu ..Ā 

Unknowingly who introduced blogging to me in their unique ways.

An artist can’t answer which is their favourite colour because they love to play with all of them the same as long as they satisfy their hunger in the final outcome. Life is meant to rediscover and explore, so let’s hope we’ll come across doing so šŸ˜€


Try to take chances and learn new crafts — This is the time,
Love as much as you can and Broke as hard as you can — That’s what makes you,
Hold the pain,Ā  Learn to forgive and Spread the Happiness — It defines a True Life.
And lastly, never forget any moment to seize.