At the age of 29..


When the inbox is flooding with birthday wishes, dear ones are happy to celebrate, people who lost in touch were wishing on the social timelines.. I lost in thoughts.. Who Am I?

Not for the reason they ask in any interview like the basic question — “Tell us about yourself”.

Well, I’m not the type who usually celebrates birthday and gave much importance in fact. However this birthday, Today I realised so many aspects and I regret for not celebrating a birthday which I was supposed to and anticipated much, planned in advance. Things didn’t fall in place so as my destiny. Unfortunately, no one believes that.

I love gifting. I love the moment when someone gets the spark upon unwrapping the present. I don’t mind what I’m gifting, how much valuable it is as long as it is their desire to hold and keep it safe forever. In the same way, I like celebrations.. Uh oh!! I used to love celebrations. Over a period of time, I’ve no clue why I lost interest in that. Probably, financial crunches or peer pressures in life on various aspects but I never wanted to lose my loved one going empty on her birthday.

Today, I regret for not celebrating her birthday the way I wish. She used to celebrate my birthday with sheer excitement and plans so much in advance on a short notice even. I miss that today and this isn’t that guilt feeling of not celebrating her birthday just because she used to do and today she didn’t make it happen.

We’re in chaos. Our existence is indefinite. We don’t know how long we’ll live and how our future is turning to be. I don’t know I would ever celebrate her birthday. My life is at stake even.

Essence of birthday celebration is to Stay happy for our “Landing” and on the other side we surpassed death for an year. Now, I miss that. What if I don’t get the chance of celebrating her birthday or What if I lose her forever.


At the age of 29 :

  • Realised, invest time for yourself rather than any other relation or bond. Money makes magic in life.
  • Never get into a deep relationship with a girl who thinks practically when you know it won’t workout yet with a ray of hope.
  • Don’t be too emotional with your loved ones, they might feel mentally exhausted.
  • People love diplomacy, truth rather delivering feelings straight-forward and open.
  • Pathetic at flirting and realised people treat you low if you’re jovial.
  • Once you lose your hair, it won’t grow. Careful, keep the roots not getting blocked at least so that PRP works.
  • Realised that I am not fond of bikes. I don’t own one.
  • Wish I’m good at vocabulary, consistent in actions and clear in mind.. I might not have remained as a Loser

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jay! 🙂
    It was nice to read a post by you after a long time. Idk how I missed your previous ones.

    1. Hey!! I lost my old account and all the wp gang 👻 Glad, you got back in touch.. Good to see you again 🐒

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