Gappe Vappe

Indulge in Gappe Vappe

GolGappa in Gappe Vappe is pretty awesome. Sounds so catchy no? Gappe Vappe is a chat place in the Almond House chain where you can make your mouth fill with spiciness beside having a sweet tooth. Unlike, the roadside chat bandaar we can get a decent bowl of stuff. Although, we’ve been eating Gol Gappa on …

Cannoli Cafe

Cannoli Cafe

Being an outsider, when people often mentioning “Let’s hangout at a cafe”, I always thought that the ambiance and the vibe is so unique then started exploring cafes in the city. Though, I went to 10+ best rated cafes in the city, I must mention this Cannoli cafe is #1 among them. Yeah, I’ve few other cafes …

Market Hall

Welcome Ikea

Perks of being a roamer was realized only after getting this special invitation for the Pre-inaugural of Swedish country’s Ikea Store. People often post some promotion videos and opening ceremonies with huge rush and so much gaga but never experienced until stepping into this mighty store. Imagine how mighty it is ??? Here’s a hint …