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Cakebudss.. The new taste-buds.


If you are a dessert love beware, resist yourself before reading 😛 If you’re not, you’ll fall in love with this. Cakebudss the new buzz in town.

Gone are the days people used to buy cakes for birthdays and new year parties especially the regular vanilla round and square shapes like a RIN soap 😛 Later, with the emerging market and the evolution of Zomato/Swiggy, the range available to try new became huge but now customized cakes are the trend.

Cake BudssNow-a-days people like to personalize their stuff in every category. Cakes are not exceptional even.  Unlike ordering the regular cakes from an unknown vendor, ordering from a person who bakes with love and passion to make the moment everlasting became the USP.

You’re going to a wedding, order a cake.
Planning for a surprise to your love, design a cake.
Smash your friends face, bring a cake.

In short, celebration without cake isn’t a celebration at all.

Cakebudss offers a wide range of cakes and their unique style is the customization. The biggest factor is all of them are eggless. Sounds great right!! Tastes greater even greatest 😀

Here’s a glimpse of their collection.

Being the reason for someone’s smile is something beyond doing business — Sanjana

There are few cakes which are only for kids and are completely edible right from the base to the tip. No kid can be able to resist them-self from eating it in a gulp 😀

Sanjana CakebudssCupcake.. the most sweetest nick name for anybody to pamper.. lol but not for a foodie. If you call a foodie with that name, you’ll end up in a cafe 😀 It is much famous for its cute looks than taste though. These cupcakes are the primary reason for the origin of Cakebudss. 

Here’s a girl who started baking with her never ending love on cupcakes — Sanjana.. Her cupcake love turned into gifting for occasions (technically, a business though ;)) but more than selling, she believes in making them feel “This made my day”

Cakebudss is her dream. Like how we all have one. I must say I’m impressed being such free-spirited to go for what she dreamt of. An I.T employee who bakes and delivers customized cakes balancing her life without giving up her dream. It has been 2 years since she started this and still it’s in the early stages, not all those dreams needs money however business does.

Assume as a start-up delivering custom made happiness for a moment 😀

We all have that one wish or regret that we didn’t go for at the right age with full of guts for various reasons. She inspires to go for what you dream.


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