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Cannoli Cafe


Being an outsider, when people often mentioning “Let’s hangout at a cafe”, I always thought that the ambiance and the vibe is so unique then started exploring cafes in the city. Though, I went to 10+ best rated cafes in the city, I must mention this Cannoli cafe is #1 among them.

Yeah, I’ve few other cafes which are my favorite like Concu and Kavanah but this is my pretty top listed with regard to affordability, service and the huge space.

Offer Menu Rack

Welcoming with a great entrance is something different from having it beside a rack of latest magazines and special offers. Perfect!! I thought in my mind and acted so normal hiding the excitement.

It took a while to settle down as the place is pretty big than usual cafes and they have separate counters like a restaurant when we hit for a lavish buffet. B’limey, you’ll drop your jaws once you find the glimpse in the gallery below πŸ˜€

My friend ordered some hot stuff being a fan of French fries and couldn’t resist ordering as soon as she found them in the menu. Fried Bites Platter a combo of onion rings, french fries, cheese tots and potato wedges.

Meanwhile, I had Seasonal Pastry satisfying my excitement and my sweet tooth as well. I must say no remarks.

Staff were bit odd to find us clicking pics rather enjoying the food though .. never mind!! #Perksofblogging

We got a chance to show our creativity in building our own pizza handmade and with thin crust too.. It took some time though, worth spending. If you are really a expert at cooking, give a try.Β This lag in serving gave us time to explore other sections of the cafe and the view from the sitting is also quite impressive though.

We found a coffee counter were the types of coffee is illustrated with the amount of milk and types even. Pretty loved with the idea.

Coffee Counter

The shelves and sections are so huge like we felt like we can build a garage in the cafe ^_^Β They’ve designed the whole cafe with so much love unlike people who just start for commercial viability. (may be we’re wrong but flattered).

Mexican Counter

Separate sections for ice creams and the wide range is mind-blowing. How can someone resist themselves from getting away with this huge range. I mean beware of your pockets, save your wallets and definitely think twice while visiting with your kids πŸ™‚

Ice Cream Counter
Cannoli Cafe

We took a quick round over the menu and found they’ve everything from salads to soups and Pastas to Pizzas.

Desserts, Coffees and Teas occupied three pages of menu defined the cafe meaning truly.

What’s more interesting is the menu which is literally like a doodler’s presentation #creativemenu

If you’ve ever wanna give a try, visit :
800 Jubilee,
Road 36, Jubilee Hills,

Phone Numbers
+91 9333573333
+91 9333473333

P.S: This isn’t a sponsored post.

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