Gappe Vappe

Indulge in Gappe Vappe

GolGappa in Gappe Vappe is pretty awesome. Sounds so catchy no? Gappe Vappe is a chat place in the Almond House chain where you can make your mouth fill with spiciness beside having a sweet tooth. Unlike, the roadside chat bandaar we can get a decent bowl of stuff. Although, we’ve been eating Gol Gappa on …

Cannoli Cafe

Cannoli Cafe

Being an outsider, when people often mentioning “Let’s hangout at a cafe”, I always thought that the ambiance and the vibe is so unique then started exploring cafes in the city. Though, I went to 10+ best rated cafes in the city, I must mention this Cannoli cafe is #1 among them. Yeah, I’ve few other cafes …