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Discovering myself – Pandemic Gift


If there’s something good that we got in the Pandemic is Time. From being with loved ones to recheck about our existence. I’m glad that I don’t have to feel upset that I didn’t roam at all as I started this year visiting Bhutan fortunately.

In the name of Covid, every one at least started sanitizing themselves and the surroundings unlike before which is a good sign. Due to lockdown, everyone started chilling (referring to techies and stable income earners who got wfh) and start thinking on how to utilize or make it more productive.

While some of the people started working, some of us may be most of us started binge-watching 😀 And I’ve started to explore the designs pertaining to Architecture, Interiors, Instagram Grids etc. One may find it so funny to think about Instagram grids but that’s the fun fact — there’s no such thing as easy in Creative thinking.

Art has its own life. I believe so!!

When I started blogging, I’ve no clue how should a blog look but later I started understanding the perspectives then the interface. No post without an image is appealing and in the same way no content without an vibrant colour or an art form is audience centric. One may not give much attention to that but it is how people grab attention.

Personally, I realized that I wanted to have some space to showcase my interests. Later, I got to know that I wanted to explore all the arts which I feel fascinated then the memories I experience in the trials. Lastly, i’ve ended up discovering what I want.

I need a space where I can share the creative work, explore the art, travel across regions, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. That’s how I discovered that I want a Magazine. An own magazine to cover all the stories that I experience. I can be a photographer or an artist or I can travel or I can design a logo or I can write or compose or I can party or try different cuisines. I can think about how creative I should prepare after every post. I will get so much scope to learn every day. I can learn more about colours, I can raise voice against patriarchy, I can shower some love on the pets, I can bring awareness on the destruction of nature.

What else can be the biggest gift one can give to themselves than a life full of memories which no one can remember or live at a later point of time.

Giving a try to what you like isn’t a crime but giving up in the first attempt is a hazard.

I tried making logo on Canva, Photoshop then learned the differences between them, Realized how pathetic I’m in choosing colours, Tried editing video on various apps in mobile but found Quicktime as the best on mobile platform and Adobe Premiere on desktop environment. Learnt about the technical specifications of a camera then the aesthetics and the hidden struggles of a poser.

At the end of the day, It gives immense satisfaction and whole-heartedly I can feel relaxed with no clue but definitely I can sense that I can’t find this if I do stick to regular office/college routine.

P.S: I can’t afford to own a magazine. Hence, I’ve started Blogging and Instagram.

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