2020 – Verdict

Lockdown gave so much time to self-introspect and think twice about the surroundings

Whenever I came across the news that dolphins appeared in the fresh waters like Mumbai’s Marine drive or roaming of wild animals on the roads of sub-urban cities and the loss of renowned people in various fields esp. from film fraternity. — there are so many thoughts that really made me uncomfortable.

However I felt, If we don’t come out of this pandemic with — “A New Skill/More Knowledge/Better Health“, Probably we never lacked time.. We lacked Discipline.

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Idk what Feminism is.. But !!

I really don’t understand what is feminism, feminists, pseudo-feminism etc. These terms are so complex to understand. I believe in equal rights. I’ve never seen someone asking : 

  • Why women must change/lose their surnames.
  • Why women should only always leave their homes where they grown and why not men.

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At the age of 29..

We’re in chaos. Our existence is indefinite. We don’t know how long we’ll live and how our future is turning to be. I don’t know I would ever celebrate her birthday. My life is at stake even.

Essence of birthday celebration is to Stay happy for our “Landing” and on the other side we surpassed death for an year. Now, I miss that. What if I don’t get the chance of celebrating her birthday or What if I lose her forever.

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Everlasting First Memory

Have you ever gave a thought why you love your Mom’s food is so delicious and unbeatable than any other chef’s recipe/anyone ? Do you remember the odour of soil after few rain drops? Fragrance of first incense stick, taste of first pickle or fruit, touch of a baby’s skin, first hug from your parents even the first kiss in your teenage and what’s not first love..

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Menstruation isn’t a taboo

Woke up to this ridiculous statement story.. Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir passed the statement that the people who eat food cooked by menstruating women will reborn as an ox. WTF!! No matter how much we grow and how long we preach them to behave like humans, few can’t act even. Instead, they live their lives on the name of Saint.

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A letter to the chatterbox

You may never find out how adorable you are when you doze off after a lengthy conversation without letting others to speak 😜But, still you are cute.. Your blabbering portrays your purest form of love.. As long as someone dumps their greed, fondness and any other emotions they aren’t pure and As elders quote, 

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