Everlasting First Memory


Have you ever given a thought why you love your Mom’s food so much, feel it’s so delicious and unbeatable than any other chef’s recipe. As the golden saying, “first impression is the best impression”.

Most of us have the habit of leaving the first page blank in a notebook and don’t want to write anything sometimes because we afraid that if something goes wrong that may spoil the clean page.

Well, the first impression registered on our brain sub-consciously trigger us to compare any new taste/smell/touch/feel with the first memory we experienced. How many times you realised that specific fragrance you smell on a random moment throws you to your childhood.

Do you remember the odour of soil after few rain drops? There’s a unique word to describe it as well — Petrichor. Fragrance of first incense stick, taste of first pickle or fruit, touch of a baby’s skin, first hug from your parents even the first kiss in your teenage and what’s not first love. Every first memory experienced is so precious because it lasts a impression on our brain like a dot on blank white paper.

Scientists says earliest memories would be registered in our brains between the span of 2-6 years of age. These memories brings you Nostalgic feeling. And is why for a millennial like me love the music from 90’s, parents love 60’s which I feel dull because of the digital sound absence and kids of this decade feel 90s tracks boring and slow as they had impression of fast beat with more music and less vocal in almost all the albums.

Essence is to make the memory memorable ^_^

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