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The DownTown Woman


This is quite surprising to post because even the person i’m writing about doesn’t have any idea on this. We all follow people in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network but we’ll unfollow most of them after few time. But, we’ll never unfollow even they went hiatus. Now, I’m starting a thread with a girl whom I maintained that consistent “following” job on Instagram for her updates..

Meet Forum Shah The DownTown Woman

I don’t know her in person but I’ve been following her almost since 2 years from the day I saw her post on a sea shore holding colourful balloons I guess πŸ˜€ Most of the time you can find her shopping, eating or travelling.. Oops with makeup πŸ˜› This is a token of love for her consistent work πŸ™‚

Forum Shah

She’s a foodie,
She’s a stylist,
She’s a poser,
She’s a beach bum πŸ™‚

This isn’t something that she adapt for that so-called-image i feel as many of us engage in these actions but doesn’t showcase much. Another aspect which she posts always is yoga or gym avatar.Β 

If you go through her profile, you’ll find a different Forum in look however the way she carries and showcase her confidence now is truly appreciable.

From 4.5k to 45k and 45k to 1 million I saw her journey through various platforms and accounts also πŸ˜›Β 

She’s just another normal city girl who likes to pose for pictures, snap the stories, make a recording of the trip, dress like a barbie, decorate with the new branded make-up kits.. Exaggerated no???Β 

Well, she got into a new avatar and I was blown after seeing her on the timeline and couldn’t recognise her for a moment.Β 

The new hairstyle.. She keeps on experimenting and sometimes post the true shade of her where she reveals her skin with the acne she had and the care she’s taking care of. One need not to expose their true colours when they endorse brands after reaching a level I feel.Β 

She slays in any outfit right from ethnic to western or ultra modern. And thanks to IG TV she even started short videos of local market hauls.

This may sound like a girl’s post but fashion and fandom isn’t gender specific (cursing inside to stop being conscious).

Here is a glimpse..

While most of her IG TV on fashion is under modern rather than ethnic like how most of the young generation dive into.

Her beach and road trips are fascinating.

However she seldom appears in the desi look letting us respond with lit reaction to the story πŸ˜€

Here are few pictures of forum which she poses often and her timeline won’t exist without them.

If you can make this πŸ˜› emoticon, probably you’re capable of doing her signature pose..

Often we don’t find people on Instagram as next-door soul these days but she’s definitely the one which makes you feel well-known.

Fashion β€’ Travel β€’ Books is a lifestyle πŸ˜€

Have a look ^_^

Here’s a post from her diary posted in the month of Jan about her new beginnings.Β 

I lost updates as i’m not that consistent like her in any platform and she shared her journey so simply.Β 

I don’t say that she’s perfect but because this is my blog and my memories I take the privilege to mention her as a influencer who poked me in some way to keep trying for something creative or at least to travel some where πŸ™‚Β 

Of all her trips, I like the vlogs of Goa, Gokarna and Mumbai the most. I don’t know why but she feels so lively in those places probably because of the beaches I guess..Β 

Well, she has to answer that πŸ˜‰Β 


Here’s an another soul who plays a vital role in her journey.Β 

Even he’s also a stranger to me but the support and the music he composes is brilliant.Β 

Well, dice can be counted only if it exists in pairs right!!Β 

Not ignoring Jazz though.

Until next time,

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