Interesting & Fun Social Feed #1


Get ready for few minutes of chill time breaking the daily routine mess. Social feed isn’t so much fun in weekdays and time sparing on weekends is tough for few people. I know even weekends are full of completing the missing accomplishments like maintenance of vehicles, schools on end of calendar year, visiting relative’s house for maintaining relations so barely we find no time to get a break unless we opt for it.

Well, I found some stuff which really worked like stress-buster and getting me away with what I’m driving in the flow. Do spare few minutes of your valuable to laugh out loud or giggle πŸ˜€

I couldn’t take my eyes off from the table tennis game and my expression is of like the baby polar bear definitely.. That amusing reaction after seeing the seal and falling back is so cute to witness.. I played it thrice 😑

While both first and third links are enjoying to the beats..Β This one is from the composers who are madly in love with their craft, just watch and you’ll love it.Β 

It’s not even exaggerating to expect an extended performance video.

And I’ve never seen any animal so close after growing up.Β Β Barely I remember that I visited zoo in my 3rd grade or so.Β 

Well, my love towards them doesn’t change though and these videos makes me miss them so much. #WildWishes πŸ˜€

While the cheetah made you jaw-dropping, the love of baby elephant made my heart melting β™₯Β 

The tweets from Parveen and Green planet are the resonance of nature. They portray the power of nature how it can heal herself. I’m in love with the feed. Hope you as well !!

Until next feed post
– xo

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