Groove with Uke ft Nikita


Grooving to the tunes is such a blissful moment one can experience, no one can put that in words. And there are few people who enjoys the rhythm even before the tune sounds out. 

You might’ve seen Arijit doing that, likewise I’ve seen this girl who feeds her soul while playing her uke. This might sound exaggerating but once you see her playing you’ll realize that you started blushing or tapping already 🙂

On that note, I’d like to introduce Nikita who influenced me to start listening songs on Spotify. Yes!! bearing all those ads 😛 

Uke/Ukulele is a guitar like instrument that I am not aware of until this girl put her story in the highlight “Uke Chronicles“. 

Here’s a post which she shared recently on her IG TV singing Saawali Si Raat from Barfi.

You may wonder what’s so special when you know many people plays so.

In this pandemic times, all we need is some positive energy.

Appreciation is something we need to learn instead of being a critic ^_^

Listen and agree with my lines 🙂

And before you presume something, this isn’t a sponsored post 😀 

Just a random appreciation that fits into my featured page.

Thank her later for the Spotify Highlight if you listen any of the tracks ♪

Do let me know your favourite tracks that makes you dance and take some time to feed your inner child. It’s TIME ❥

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