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The new face of farming. Especially, in the concrete jungles where the food consumption is high and production is not up to the mark.

What’s so special with Hydroponics?

The farming culture is completely indoor and doesn’t need plenty of soil unlike true agriculture. Moreover, if you arrange the nutrients and adequate water for specific period of time, you’ll get the liberty to take a break or vacation even without disturbing their growth. Easy & Efficient.

Remember, photo synthesis? We can’t find soil element in the process of photosynthesis viz., we don’t need soil to grow plants. However, we need to inject certain nutrients which obtain from soil in general. To all those people, who forgot the equation of photosynthesis :

6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2

What are required for Hydroponics?

The major drawback for hydroponics is the equipment as the set-up is one time but costly and now-a-days affordable racked stands are also available but still it’s not that cheap. One may have to invest somewhere around 20k for growing 10 kinds of plants.

Here is a list got online : 

  • A plastic tray capable of holding the weight of the medium, the plants and the water/nutrient solution
  • A support structure to place the tray on (it can be as simple as a spare table)
  • Container to be used as a reservoir (can be an aquarium, a plastic storage container or a garbage can)
  • Aquarium pump capable of pumping 132 gallons per hour (500 liters per hour)
  • Plant containers (make sure they have holes in the bottom to allow drainage)
  • Growing medium
  • Drainage tubing
  • 24 hour timer
  • Seeds or plant cuttings
  • Nutrient solutions

When I say plants, most of them are not vegetables. If one needs to cultivate vegetables, then they can expect spinach and be a Popeye 😀 This is something we heard from Urban Kissan.

What is Urban Kissan?

An organization which brought sustainable farming based on hydroponics new in the city. 

They say with this technique 95% of water can be saved when compared to traditional cultivation and the yield is 30% more. Well, whether the numbers are high — when you got a chance to try farming indoor and let the next generation get in-touch with farming, these small actions are truly helpful I feel.

Here is a list of home kits they’re offering for growing the plants.

Urban Kissan Home Kits

Infact, their blog is having so much information about the kinds of crops we can grow and the nutrition values. As a matter of fact this farming doesn’t need pesticides, it means the products are completely organic. 

You might’ve got a thought about the nutrients injecting into the water. Well, the nutrients are the chemicals which are naturally obtained soil. Here we provide the same formula as there is no soil presence.

Seems to be confused??? Make a visit to the nearest farm and clear your doubts 🙂

Farm Location:
4th Floor, 36 urban center,
Rd. 36, CBI colony, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad – 500033

+91 844 844 0423

Branch Office:
4-57-5/2, Sector 12,
MVP Colony,
Visakhapatnam – 530017
Andhra Pradesh.

+91 99637 64099

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