I don’t know what Feminism is.. But !!


Certainly, I’ve no clue what exactly feminism is meant to be.. I believe in equal rights.

I really don’t understand what is feminism, feminists, pseudo-feminism etc. These terms are so complex to understand and the definitions are quite changing by the person doing some action in the name of it.

I agree that equality doesn’t exist in the society across communities, classes and races. However, with respect to women — it is much more vital in treating them equal and prioritized as we still witness the cases of brutal incidents and deep suppression’s even in 20th century after becoming the first lady of a nation, to step-in to outer world and everywhere competing with men becoming more efficient proving themselves much better than them.

I’ve come across few names recently and the twitter wars or the buzz that happens almost so often on a social platform regarding women, this term feminist/feminism appears. And I wonder what exactly they’re striving for.

I’ve never seen someone asking :

  • Why women should leave their home in the name of marriage.

I mean, if that’s how it should exist then men should also leave their home right! It hurts deeply to leave the place where you’ve grown for 25/30 years and never gets the opportunity to be “You” just because of knot/life-time commitment. I’m not criticizing marriage system, it’s all about the rules that’d been created against one gender. We can’t sleep for one night even if we went to a random place, imagine doing daily chores, adapting to new family, losing their identity (most of them). That actually sucks!! Sorry, but it is disgusting to have a system like this. WHO WANTS TO BECOME A VISITOR FOR THEIR OWN HOME.

  • Why women should lose their surname.

Name is all about identity and when men can carry their surname, women has the same right to carry right.. And if some person is coming into her life as an add-on, his credentials may add to her name just like how it’s happening to her life but it shouldn’t make her lose her identity. Although, few celebrities and people showcase their names now-a-days with both names, that doesn’t exist literally and most of the cases.


thread continues..

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  1. Here in Goa, some married ladies do not change their name; and it’s kind of accepted that way. My mother still uses her maiden name. It’s good in a way. No confusion in identity.

    And I agree, why should only the daughters leave? both should ideally leave and live together somewhere else. Obviously, being in constant contact and taking good care of their parents too. That way they can grow and learn to live together.

    1. I never heard of it. That’s so cool!! I wish the whole world follows that and on a side note, she’s lucky.
      I feel weird to imagine adding someone’s name in the end after getting all the certificates with maiden name.

      I trimmed the post to resist my frustration 😸

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