Gappe Vappe

Indulge in Gappe Vappe

GolGappa in Gappe Vappe is pretty awesome. Sounds so catchy no?

Gappe Vappe is a chat place in the Almond House chain where you can make your mouth fill with spiciness beside having a sweet tooth.

Unlike, the roadside chat bandaar we can get a decent bowl of stuff. Although, we’ve been eating Gol Gappa on roadside and feel that tastes good but we can’t ignore the hygiene factor and keep our health at risk. Well, I’m not saying you’ve to eat them here but you can give a try at least once.

Gappe Vappe KPHB

I had my experience yesterday on the eve of purchasing OnePlus 6 . Honestly, quite shocked when we saw the menu however parties always ends on a high note — sometimes on nasha and sometime on pocket 😀 

To the surprise, the quantity and quality made me convinced for doing a worth-giving trial.

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