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It’s been a week since i was on cloud 9. Literally, I lived the moment. I saw clouds passing by, experienced the walk among the clouds for a moment and what not so many which I can’t forget. Such a thrilling spell-binding first time experience.

Sarvajna peetha

Disclaimer: A detailed prologue of my non-sense talk along with experience which should be experienced no matter how much and how many times you read. Warn you to hit the navigation part rather than reading the info because the more you know, less you’ll enjoy and if you’re not going to plan immediately — you can have a glance and make it a part of wish-list. This is gonna be a long one because rather than a travel post, I took the liberty of recording my feelings as a privilege for the first unknown purely accidental dare happened.

How to start, What to say, Why should I post. I’ve quite many questions to myself before posting this, although decided to post this long back while enjoying the trip. But, I want to cross-check myself that did I really embraced the moment or assuming that I lived in the moment.

Well, I can still shout-out 19 to Antim 😀 You’ll get to know the value of the the number once you be a part of the trek 😉 It’s crucial and fun.

I’m not a typical travel blogger however always want to log the moments experienced, be it good or bad. Hence, this post may not look pretty professional and i’m pouring heart out to keep it everlasting like even after years when i read this, I wanna feel the foolishness and immature writing.


The Trek Journey

It all started with an accident. To be honest, couple of accidents (not really vehicle/human damages though).

When nature shocked me by rejecting the plan I made on one-side and Arun Srini Prasant Raj stepped in with their own actions.

I was supposed to be apart of Caravan plan which is pretty crazy though. Bad weather threw me into a bus of strangers and with no choice in hand, I doze off while others boarding.

To the soul who is too much stressed about wasting time recently and on top of that the productivity element which reminds him often his passing age with no achievements, there comes a new challenge to Introduce in a bus full of strangers. Although, it’s general and needed to know each other basically but that’s the challenge to me. I never wanted to do/be like everyone and i’m really mercuric possessing my star sign. Anyway, I finished off quickly and safely back to my place thinking to take a quick nap again.

Meanwhile, another big task got announced when the crazy hippie told to memorize the names and should call them with their names when he points. Glad, after few turns we got a dhaba to fill the craving and as soon as we got into bus, because of the time constraint we got to know about the itinerary and I got the scope to doze off happily without getting my turn. Such a coward and a bad memorizer I’m!!

9.30 A.M:
Next morning, we had a simple breakfast and started for the adventure.

No idea that we’re supposed to go through a forest until we crossed a wooden bridge and get-to-know the presence of it on a tiny canal of water flowing originated from the hill. 

Being a guy from the country side, greenery didn’t impressed me much like the rest who got flattered however there’s a point where the lush greens almost popped my eyes out.


Meet Mr. Antim.. The lead who has been to Kodachadri couple of times before. Bet  he hasn’t experienced the same weather. Growing crops and the odor of mud before rain, sounds of flowing water is intoxicating. This is the turning point which drove me high instantly. I lost my senses and truly I didn’t realize that I’m not anymore constricted to myself. I started taking snaps, shouting like they’re my besties, enjoying the nature while my face glowing with unknown happiness. (No mobile network to share.. it means you can only keep it to yourself as once you start describing the intensity decreases eventually).

Walking on the thin lane on the bank of water canal while nice breeze randomly striking like a gesture of welcome, the echo of water flow and chirps of some birds is something so soothing like no one wants to cross that path.

Walk on the bank of canal

Srini & PrasantHave you seen Aayirathil Oruvan in Kodachadriwhich Andrea tells that cholas didn’t leave the city normally but made few traps in-order to avoid someone following them. You might be wondering why this scene is pitching in the middle of the context. You’ll know and I felt that many times in the whole trip.

What’s so fun when the trek is just like walking among the meadows. Now we got the first challenge. The Leeches!!! Yes.. Leeches, informed about their presence before the beginning of a trip though, facing in reality is something strange and have no other choice. 

Strangely, even after getting bite from leech, Srini didn’t give up vlog. #prettydedicated 😀 It took a while to cross the jungle with leeches presence and for the hard-work did, immediately we found the mighty mighty waterfall flowing from some corner in the mountain. Beware, that looks so scenic, can’t reach instantly like an iron-man.

On that note i’ll introduce Arun the professional faller.. One good soul who got plenty experience on how to fall and teach others where to avoid stepping on the slipper rocks. 

Hidlumane Falls

Slippery rocks aren’t challenge in real but the wet mud stuck to the shoes where we passed through the leeches path made it tricky hard enough to walk on them. The 2nd challenge is balancing to climb on the rocks for a great view of the Hidlumane Water Fall.

So cool no!! Even the water is freezing. To the skinny guy like me 5 minutes is enough to shiver and unfortunately, I didn’t feel that coldness even after immersed for almost 30 mins. Later, we bid the natural gift and started climbing to explore and experience the upcoming strange things.

Imagine a person climbing inclined at 70 degress on the hill with soaked shoes, wet clothes and a backpack.. Sounds ahem!! When you experience it, you’ll realize the real hardship 😛 It sucks!!!

1 PM:

Like the hills and mountains have ups and downs, the trek is completely full of them. One hard challenge then gift and another hard task immediately a cool scenic beauty for the struggle. 

On successful passing through the dense forest and the waterfall, we’ve reached a point with a wide view of hills around and slight green grass surrounded by tall trees like in the middle of a forest stadium. That’s almost 1 pm already and then Rahil announced that we’ve reached the base point to start the trek 😀


Yess.. All these obstacles we crossed are just to enter the base point and the actual trekking not started yet. So unfair right!. By the time we all are cheering that we’ve successfully accomplished within a short time and he disappointed greatly .

Kodachadri forest

Basically, trekking is mostly climbing up across the natural stones formed and the dense forest grown among the rocks then became a jungle. We got this gnaan after climbing 1/4th of the hill and got a glimpse of the originated point ironically. We went on climbing and we reached a point where I got shit scared in the whole trek.

A path where we should cross on stepping over the roots of a tree balancing ourselves on the rock holding it slant. Then I realized the whole logic of balancing in life.

Meanwhile, Amol got excited with the visibility of the neighboring mountains.

As I said, to the path we crossed with utmost difficulty and climbed the hill on the red gravel, we’ve got a clear view of the surrounding hills slowly which made us exciting that we really made it this time.

Along the path, there’s one huge tree in the middle where everyone got the chance of resting for a while and snap the view of nature with their eyes and capture in dedicated respective cameras.

And this time, even Rahil told that we reached almost and few meters away from the peak. It means, the LUNCH POINT.

Kodachadri Peak

Here we are.. the Special Bbees





















Quite relieved and started descending. Sadly, the descending isn’t like just coming down — it’s again climbing up and coming down few more times where we realized that our thighs got enough cardio done in a gym for an year 😛

In the half-way it got rained all of a sudden and even before we realize those clouds fled apart. It’s mesmerizing to see how natural phenomenon happens in-front of your naked eye. We saw literally dark clouds passing away near the mountains. There comes the second peak slightly below from the first lunch point which shows the way for reaching the Mukambika Temple. Meet Kaushik and gang successfully accomplished half trek while Sharon 😀

4.00 PM:
Slowly, mist started forming indicating that it’s time to sunset. We left no stone apart and reached temple drenching in the rain. The best part is the water we filled on the hill.

So pure and so transparent although flowing on the rocks, grass from that peak. Alternately, we came across few jeeps and all the way Rahil keeps on instructing to stay-aside on listening to the honking.

4.30 PM:
Energy drained out, exhausted and famishing however slowly we reached Moola Mookambika Temple. To my surprise, beside the temple they’re selling Kheera with spicy powder and few spicy corn also. Now I got the rescue man Srini who sponsored me to have one which really pushed me to climb the second peak reaching the Sarvajna peetha, the peak where Adi Shankara meditated.

Thiss is it!!! The Magical Moment.

Literally, lived in the moment. Standing in the middle of clouds while they pass through us. Spell-binding!! That few minutes is worth for the hours we climbed. On top of the world.. Nothing seems really matters when we stood there. Everyone has a flat face with no clue how they’re feeling except a soulful moment.

Sarvajna peetha

Unexpectedly, while seeing the sunset in a span of 5 minutes we got lost with the group. We walked through a narrow path which I didn’t observe while going. Rahil is waiting at some corner and Antim on the other corner worrying about both us and Rahil.


Must appreciate both of them, they managed so well like never had differences or communication gap and didn’t even lost their patience for a moment in the whole journey. They’re the backbones.

We caused slight delay in departing which is stipulated to be at 6 pm and we pushed that to 6.30 pm on the peak where no light penetrates. The descending journey to the home stay in the jeep is freaking.. The expertise they had in driving through those roads is beyond words. The balance on two wheels while turning and even in the lack of light is exceptionally great.

7.30 PM:
We finally made it and reached home stay wrapping the first day of the trek. Had a nice dinner and rolled in our beds.

Nagara fort

No.. The day isn’t ended there.

Here comes the cruel shade of Antim. Introducing the fictional character Prem Latha to scare us which got bounced in a flow ended up playing MAFIA.

Thought everyone got exhausted but almost like 8 members played till 10 pm in the night. Such a crazy hour. Babitha, Regin, Shreya are the most mischievous police/doctors most of the time, Poor Gokul, Master Bharath and Sharp Ann made the game much more interesting. Honestly, until that game no one really remember the names of fellow people. Wish it was played before for easy interaction. 

Next day, while returning we went to the Nagara fort and spend sometime.  The fort was built during the 18th century is located and the landscape created out of backwaters of Linganamakki Dam on Sharavathi River surrounds Nagara town.

We didn’t get enough time to spend at the fort. The views of the town from the fort are too good and reminds us of Dil Chahta Hai or Rang De Basanthi.

Nagara Fort

Sharavathi river flow and the town beside it looks like an island. The view is splendid..

Nagara fort

Nagara Fort

Nagara Fort

Usually, the return journey is completely boring because everyone will be in an exhausted state but for us it was more energetic. We halted at a good restaurant. Honestly, the best in the range and region.

Later, we bounced back with dance performance from Taniya, Srini, Ann Rose and Babitha blew our mind for few hours, later started playing mafia. I’m pretty exhausted though, few others are so high till the end. Reached the city and got my spot to catch the metro and board the bus from Bangalore which also didn’t happen as planned due to strike by TSRTC. That’s another story.

About Kodachadri

Is a mountain peak situated in Shiva Mogga District on the Western Ghats of about 1343 meters above sea level and 4406 ft featuring trekking trails. It is also the 13th highest peak of Karnataka with dense forests. It has been declared as National Heritage Site by the Government of Karnataka in 2012.

Kodachadri forms a background to the temple of Mookambika in Kollur and situated in the middle of the Mookambika National Park eventually it is considered as a biodiversity hotspot. The forests covering the mountain are called as Shola Forests.

How to reach Kodachadri

Kodachadri is connected through all the ways of transportation. However, if one really wants to opt public transportation, I’d suggest buses.


The closest airport to reach Kodachadri is Mangalore International Airport which is 150kms away or Kempegowda International Airport which is 500kms away.


From Bangalore one can catch a bus to Kollur and from kollur one has to go towards Nagara which is just 8kms away and a mud road will welcome for Kodachadri 🙂


Kundapura Railway Station is the nearest one to Kollur which 40kms away and one can hire a taxi from Kollur as it is connected to major stations.


Reach to a trek group and enjoy the journey hassle-free. I had my best time with Trekpool.

Places to eat

Hotel Malnad House which offers both Veg and Non-veg food while Trupti Vilas is another restaurant beside that which is a purely vegetarian one (My favorite :P)

Didn’t get a chance to know about more food places but on the way to Bangalore, this road side restaurant is far far better than usual one’s in the cities. Affordable and clean. No need to rely on dhaba’s and put our health at risk for the trip or back in daily life besides a cool break in the journey with all the amenities.

Places to visit

  • Ganesha Guha

There are few caves behind the Sarvajana Peetha of Adi Sankara’s meditating place.

  • Iron Pillar at Mookambika Temple

A pillar of 40 feet length is existing in front of the temple and is massive similar historic pillars in Mount Abu. It is found that it was made of pure iron and less affected to corrosion reflecting the ancient craftsmanship.

  • Arasinagundi falls

There’s another waterfall near Dhalli village which is roughly 6 km away from the bottom of Kodachadri as well.

Why Trekpool

I’ve never been to a trek. Completely new to be apart of a journey with strangers. Accidentally, I got joined in this group and initially, there’s no much rapport but the leads coordinated well to make everyone comfortable.

I really had a good experience away from the routine job and I suggest Trekpool for the same hassle-free experience.

One should be recognized and shout-out for them to let others know in this rapid changing world. You never know they’ll opt or not but if they do they can also enjoy the same.

I found few interesting aspects in the journey which may sound like lessons even however they’re worth remembering and worth appreciating.

Misconception: While few people had a bad impression on travel groups like they cheat or some thing, probably few might exist and I must say not every group. The journey with strangers is unique. I’ve always had a blind image on travelling is about visiting the places and no matter how many unique places we visit, we can experience the same beach, hill, shopping, hiking blah blah. Now, I change my opinion like probably because of the people I’m following who post about their experiences more, I’ve reached a saturation point to get less-impressed with the travel posts but the fun is real.

Dedication: Ashis, kudos to the efforts he put throughout the journey. Everyone in the group remember how he started and appreciate his dedication to reach the peak point. From strong decision of going back at the first checkpoint to returning with full of energy is something worth remembering.

Support: Being a lead coordinator, it’s their responsibility to drive the team for reaching the peak in the trek. That doesn’t mean one should keep them entertained or mingle with them like a fellow colleague or bench-mate but the charisma of Antim is unique. It doesn’t matter he treats every group the same way, shares the games/stories repeatedly (like the stand-up comedians), that vibe and push we really need when we’re purely absent minded has been carried through out the trek. Meanwhile, when Antim took the lead to drive the group — Rahil stood back looking after everyone whether they’re good or not. That coordination among them is like sachin-sehwag partnership.

Open up: We always need like-minded people to show-off our capabilities whether one is a pro or not because they don’t judge beside enjoys being a fool together. Quite impressive talents can also be revealed unknowingly and we found few 😀

Leadership: Have seen many aspects of leadership qualities in the group unlike corporate sharing or the book writers describe. Practically, taking an initiative to bring together everyone, giving a chance to speak-up everyone for interaction/free to move, analyse the best skills, appreciate the good work, saying no at the right moment with sensibility, flexibility to have fun while meeting the deadline have been experienced and Antim held most of the qualities. All of these can be applicable in our daily as well.

Kudos to the crazy hippie and an amazing memorable journey. 

Until next travel,

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