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Salman khan is a big image and it’s a brand that film fraternity thinks to bitch about. Thanks to pandemic, people got enough time to pick what to watch, analyse the watched and feel what exactly they really wanted to feel rather than an influence by a media platform perhaps.

We, Indians are a big big fans to Cricket and Movie lovers. We grew up watching the films and considering Reel hero as Real hero and Cricketers even. But they’re also human beings right, they tend to make mistakes and we judge feeling we’re above them. Well, on a random click I came across my watch list on hotstar. An episode of Salman Khan in Koffee with Karan. Available only on hotstar.

Before reading the post, believe I’m not a fan of Karan or Salman and this is ain’t fandom or biased. What I felt is what I’m composing.

Yes, this episode is quite old. Released long back on Dec 1, 2013 but that’s not the point. The content we watch in this episode arises many emotions from “What!! Salman is a virgin?” to “Creep!! Karan, what are those lines”. Well, I felt so.

I’ve never seen a lengthy, free talk of Salman till now. You may call I’m quite off to movie buzz stuff but whatever yeah.. So right from the beginning, voice of Salman khan saying “Flush isn’t working” and all I felt like “Woah!! That entry isn’t expected” to the introduction Karan showed.

And then, Karan Johar starts with his creep and cheesy lines on Salman’s love life trying to pull his leg over affairs, being single, virgin and going deeper with his answers. That sounds a bit odd, why does he want to point out so much. I felt as the rumours and the gossips we heard that Karan is a part of Shahrukh’s gang and not likely to engage with Salman might be a reason.

What really captivate me is, the response of Salman Khan on his Ex-girlfriends. We may be in 2020, you may watched it in 2013 when it got telecast and he might’ve been from 60’s but the way he explained is something makes you feel sensible. I found his replies quite true.

One may lie as a star, one may not believe as a critic and one may judge being someone but the notion he believes to stay out of his ex’s lives is good. At the same time, he himself told that he’s quite friendly with their boyfriends.

In an era, where we see crimes for every petty issue in a relationship — this is something quite like an advice to think about!

Watch what he told about..

One may say why do you need to write a post on Salman Khan now and especially for an episode released long ago. I felt he’s quite targeted and true to himself.

There’s something in everyone’s life even after success, stardom and superb people around them. “Being you” — which might be harm from an Old Salman as he said, but becoming so conscious on every action is really choking.

There’s a moment when he says how free he wants to be in partying, roaming and how misses it made me feel how dark we are to the movie stars. Especially, when he makes his point on paparazzi.

When exactly I started feeling why this episode is so much about the shades of Salman, Karan started the rapid fire round. I’m telling you, those witty and quick replies from Salman Khan put Karan in so much trouble. Sometimes, he can’t stop accepting and the gestures from Salman khan shows that he purposefully replied as a counter-attack 😀

Found few scenes on Youtube which were deleted as they mentioned. Take a look!

The episode ends with a small talk to Salim Khan where you can find few surprising reactions from Salman khan on Salim Khan’s replies. Do must watch than reading about that here on hotstar. #Notsponsored.

And a story about a thief in their house is quite hilarious.

P.S : Watching episodes in hotstar is free but deal with double ads. Also, I find it interesting to get new vocabulary from Karan’s show which is why I added it in my watchlist.

Until next time,

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