Lessons no one taught #1 | Pain


I’ve never given much thought about why no one shared how we should lead life however my life in a way taught me a minute percent on how a life could be..

Like I don’t have a regular degree and a job or a routine career what people usually possess.. Nothing to complain until recent times..

When a person leaves you seeing blank future and living through dark phase, one will realise what they’re lacking.. Not to make better themselves but in order to refrain them leaving forever..

Yes!! Mostly how everyone guesses — love story, break-up blah blah BUT this love is between two people in various relations.. Read it again, relations not relationships and let me be clear here. When I say relations it’s about bond and not the millennial live-in relation kinda relations okay.

Love and Pain co-exist however Pain occurs sometimes even without love like you need not to love everything or everyone but anything you like, admire, feel or some emotion you share loses causes you pain!! It could be object, person, nature, abstract thing, even your dream or an imagination you got on a random thought and you forget in a snap.. Accordingly rate of pain varies..

Pain teaches you how to live.. We should learn in school itself that pain exists much in real rather than those sayings “No pain No Gain”

I contradict that statement.. It sounds like smart work doesn’t is a myth and hard-work only earns or exists in a justified way.

We all should know that growing means we’re gaining age, going close to death, growing old not just ourselves but also our parents, favourite relatives, film stars we’ve been watching while growing, friends and their parents..

Until 25 on an average everything is okay as our bonds in the life isn’t that greatly impacted.. Calculate yourself about the age you’ve bonded with and compare with lifetime examples.. Not depressing yet start having a convo, you’ll get the real picture how parents miss and worry once you start crossing 25.. All of sudden they realise that they started becoming old.. They’ll come across multiple tensions, responsibilities which is painful for them and understanding yet being helpless is another pain for us.

Our lifespan has been reduced from 100 to 70 on an average.. Our lifestyle has been drastically changed in the last decade yet our education or career to educate ourselves for fighting in life doesn’t changed. If I start picking out the factors that drives into another thesis 🀣

This career settlement, owning a home for a middle class normal person is the biggest challenge like one cannot really clear house loan until they reach 60 which means until they die.. What’s the point in gifting the asset you’re supposed to experience and hoping that your kids cherish with it. They even wants to settle on their own. Now,

Currently life is all about struggling for existence, when do you live actually life..

Pain strikes once you realise you are losing everything everyone slowly with time..

You’ll feel worried, stressed and end up being anxious no matter how hard you try because things and moments slip out of your hands involuntarily.. Unfortunately for people like me who doesn’t own fixed assets and a settled career has to face many more dreadful scenes.

  • You’ve to face pain when your loved one leaves you for xyz reason.
  • You should deal with pain when you get to know the health ailments of your parents and the potential that you possess in handling it.
  • The pain in losing someone suddenly which is a part of lifecycle yet you aren’t experienced and where you turn into a matured soul.
  • Hearing bad news about your favourite film stars, celebrity, sports player.

Dealing with pain makes you older and matured soul.

If you think this is mostly to a guy.. Lemme explain you the pain of a girl as well..

  • Sudden change in signature and surname
  • Leaving the home where she ruled for years
  • Parting from her parents accepting a new life expecting a positive great life beside doing daily chores for the rest of life to a stranger and their family.
  • Few may lose or sacrifice their passion and responsibilities at times in adverse conditions.

Guess, I turned too senti.. I drifted from what I thought to compose and share.. #UsualRoutine

I’m so sorry for losing the track.. Hope I’ve made few points to some extent for a bigger picture πŸ™Š

Until next time.

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