Menstruation isn’t a taboo.. Gain some sense saints..


People need sense. Saints need Common Sense. Menstruation isn’t a taboo, it’s a natural phenomenon in women like breathing for all of us. Grow up brainless saints.

No matter how much we grow and how long we preach them to behave like humans, few can’t act even. Instead, they live their lives on the name of Saint.

Woke up to this ridiculous statement story.. Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji of Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir passed the statement that the people who eat food cooked by menstruating women will reborn as an ox. WTF!!

Here is a press release..

Swami Krushna Swarup Dasji

We don’t need a liberating, inspirational life. At least, we expect people to treat our fellow humans as humans. In the era of artificial intelligence predominating the natural actions, these people tends to lose what wise, brilliance and sense is.

Seriously, do these guys understand at all. I’m 29 and definitely they’re somewhere around 40-45 of age. 10 years older to me and still they don’t have common sense in their brains.

Forget about physiology, biology, metabolism, nature — It is completely related to science. What about the humanity?

How can you make a person untouchable just because she is bleeding? Is it such a crime?

I felt two points here.

  1. Wish he should experience the bleeding once in a month and then he’ll realise how it would be.
  2. What one should do if he met with an accident and bleeding?

Our Ancestors treated women to stay away from the chores while they’re going through Menstruation days is because :

Human body without blood doesn’t have energy to cope up the own metabolism. At least in the name of Menstruation, women will get 3 days of rest.

We follow rules so blindly not only in this aspect, in every aspect we follow rules, perform rituals without knowing the core reason behind the action. I mean for what sake.

Look at this so-called guru.. My foot.

I pity people who are following his foot steps. I don’t know what else to crib on this mad statements. Unfortunately, there’s a group existing for this mindless man.

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