A tiny way of thanking and to show the love for my existence. Taking the privilege to share information on various conservation, after effects and many more from the world I see/heard.

— From a millenial who saw Y2K and 26/11

« Conservation »

Cochin International Airport

Cochin Solar Airport

India’s first airport which completely runs solar power. Imagine, how much energy they save..

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« After Effects »

Delhi Pollution

Delhi can’t breathe

The Air Quality in Delhi is declining drastically day-by-day. On Sunday, it dropped to 494 which is critical and prone to several health hazards for the next generation even..

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« Back to Basics »

Thali in Patravali


An eating plate made by stitching sal leaves and few times with banyan leaves as well.

A healthy habit in ancient times which still follows on festivals in South India only.. But, everyday use can make wonders, want to know..?

Unlike other nations, India has great cultural heritage where the daily chores are eco-friendly and healthy. Sadly, with the evolution of modernization, we left and it’s time to go back for basics..

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