Pandemic Habits – The Lockdown life


Hey ya.. Hope everyone’s doing well !! I’ve never addressed like this ever before but seems like this is the need of hour.

Back to my comfort place. Vacated the old “affordable” house. Unpacking and packing thing is such a mess. Though, I’m quite attached even in this short span. Time teaches us, makes us realize what we are and sometime even poke timely to see the reality. Thoughts I had while bidding to the uncomfortably comfortable room. No longer relying on food counter in the foreground for breakfast and curries. Also, no worry about the closing gates and jumping off in the nights πŸ˜€

People say that any habit that we adopt and do for 21 days will automatically trigger ourselves to do the same further. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I got dental treatment. Now it’s half-way with no clue when I’ll get it done completely. That taught me few lessons as well.

Finally, today I got the opportunity to go out and bring some groceries to give a try in the kitchen.

Unlike ever before I’m so relaxed. Probably, because I can chill in PJ’s and bathe/eat at my wish with no intervention like everyone else. That’s how I find myself in the Ambivert zone. #DiscoveringMyself

My whole routine is like waking up at 9 a.m, brush and post pone bathe then rush for the breakfast. Once it’s done, switch on to the news and get some updates or updated numbers to stay alert then shift to some music channel and relax. I don’t know that I can live like this as I’m the guy who wants to do something productive recently. Thanks to the flatmates who keeps me engaged without giving any bad thoughts and also Money Heist πŸ˜›

Honestly, I’ve no idea why I’m not interested to start any good habit even to do stretches or walking unlike others. It’s great to see people doing yoga or workout indoor and sharing to motivate others. Guess, this is something new to witness. We’ve never made things done virtually and so remotely.

Though I didn’t inculcate any habits, I’ve browsed and listed few to follow.

  • Must brush within 20 minutes after waking up.
  • As an Ectomorph individual, I should eat in the first hour. And no one should ever skip breakfast.
  • Cleaning is utmost priority with sanitizer during these times.
  • Brush three times, most importantly after every meal. As the brushing protects gums from germs for 6 hours only.
  • On that note, my schedule should start and ends with brush and within 18hours.
  • Have to dedicate some time to reading whatever interested and restrict time on social platforms as they’re influencing and drawing more attention than needed.
  • Should sleep placing mobile far from the bed and set two alarms with an interval of 30 mins πŸ˜€

Hopefully, I’ll bring this to my daily routine.

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