Rock Beach

2 Veggies.. 2 days.. 2 Pondicherry


Attention Pondicherry.. WE ARE COMING!!

The excitement and the Adrenaline/Oxytocin rush while planning or heading to Pondicherry is so filmy for us. Not just because it is a must visit destination on a weekend or for a vacation but also the event occurred in the journey from the beginning. Our leaves got approved unexpectedly, drizzles in Chennai and the unknown path in first ever trip. 

Alright.. You may think that we heard so much about Pondicherry, there’s nothing much new to hear or probably most of you’ve been there even. Yes!! There’s nothing much great to spend a complete week for a vacation as most of the people say however it is the most serene spot on the coastal front.


It’s been a month since we went to Pondicherry/Puducherry or whatever. We didn’t had the feel of relaxed or satisfied when we roamed in the streets or spent time at the beach front but after returning from Pondi, we felt nostalgic

As Psychologists say, “if the impact of any experience lasts the same even after 48 hours then it is truly heartfelt and the impact is true”

which happened to us and it lasted for two weeks almost. Even now, we’re excited and keen to visit Pondicherry and one may assume we had great time exploring and visited many cafes, heritage sites etc.. Honestly, we didn’t *_*

Blue SKy near Pondicherry

Our Journey..

Well, we’re from Hyderabad and our journey started heading to Chennai which is merely 600 km away. As soon as we reached the outskirts of chennai, it started raining and believe me when you don’t know the language and bad network to reach your destination the struggle is real 😀 At last, we reached Koyambedu bus station and it is the biggest bus station in Asia named after the Veteran Actor and Politician/Ex-C.M of Tamilnadu, Sri Dr M.G. Ramachandran.. We opted PRTC bus for reaching Pondicherry as the only bus where the conductor is calling Puducherry name 😛
Promenade Beach front

First Impressions

— Situated on the coastal line, we expected that the weather will be cloudy but it is sunny and had 26ºc though it got cooled down in the evening — thanks to the beach :* 

— Police Patrol is so heavy like you can witness a cop almost in every street end or in a span of 10 mins. Even the roads are too clean beside people don’t throw trash or dump carelessly.  #exceptionallybrilliant

— Most of the junctions doesn’t have signals and people travel coordinating among themselves without ruckus unlike in cities (with signals and traffic police presence though :x)

— Pondicherry is an Union Territory and is why people prefer mostly to enjoy boozing in peace with less taxes 😀 Unfortunately, they won’t allow you to carry alcohol bottles from Pondicherry officially and you can’t if you’re unlucky. (You know what I mean, mostly which doesn’t happen ;))

French Colony

The Beginning

Honestly, we hit beach in the late evening on the day we arrived, we consider the next day as Day 1 because it’s pitch dark and we couldn’t make much of it except walking on the beach front just to explore the place and few clicks to test my skills :P. B’limey, Gandhiji welcomed us with glowing colours to rest after walking for 2 hours 😀
Rock Beach
Gandhi Beach Stand

Day 1 :

White Town — We fixed mentally to stay in this area before coming to Pondi. As it is near to the beach and one can cover everything easily.
We reserved our stay in Micasa Hostels on seeing the review of Trishita (Overrated Outcast) in her blog. Not a pleasant experience though (that’s another scene).. We started our day with navigating the mother of navigation — Google Maps.
Being Vegetarian, we always keep track of the best possibilities in advance which we forgot this time and end up realising that there are only few food courts in Pondicherry where we can try. Although all the South Indian breakfast is available on the street side. That typical butter naan, cashew paneer curry etc are hard to find. I know we shouldn’t expect them on the sea side 🙁 

Breakfast : We end up having breakfast around 11 a.m on the beachfront food court — Udipi Ruchi which is a part of the Ajantha Beach View Hotel. Later, we started pointing the places around and gone through the French memorial, Aura store, Sita Cultural centre. 

Rock Beach and Promenade beach are the same with just two different names and nothing specific to distinguish after all no one can separate the sea right !! 

And beware guys, since this is winter sun sets so fast. At 4.30 p.m it started darkening and we rushed back to Promenade BeachFew people call that there’s nothing to witness or spend couple of days in Pondicherry because whatever you visit or experience are existing mostly in the same lane. 

As we aren’t aware of the weather conditions and all, we skipped our lunch and finally had our dinner at Pasta Bar Veneto and again started roaming along the streets tasting few waffles while shopping. (Must say shopping is pretty costly except in bazaar.. #caution)
The Pasta Bar Veneto
The Pasta Bar Veneto
Rock Beach

Serene evenings, police at the barricades and the joggers, weekend visitors like us roaming and shopping on the beach road made us forget the time unknowingly. 

Though we want to cover most of the must-go-places, when we got such a carnival sight — our hearts got settled on the shore

Lately, we realised that there’s another stretch of the beach which is 10 km far from the white town namely Marina beach which is actually the first place to land if someone is visiting Pondi. 

Although, we’re not so satisfied with the experience, our hearts got relaxed. Honestly, we’re disappointed but our brains are filled with echoes of the waves and the breeze tingling the skin. 

We got to know that bikes are given for rent at a reasonable price lastly and we took one for Rs. 400/- charging up to 12 hrs facilitating to wish the sun next day morning when he rises. 

Bikes for rent
Rock Beach

Day 2 :

Rock Beach — We started early 4.30 a.m in the morning to witness the sunrise with a wide angle lens and reached the abandoned port pier within 10 mins. Surprisingly, 2 old aged foreigners are jogging already reminding us the fitness and laziness we got into beside two couples who already settled on the edge waiting patiently for the first glimpse. 


We waited till 8 a.m finding the sun on the east side, north-east side in fact in every direction. Even the fishermen returned, children started going to school but we stood up like a statue for the sun so stupidly that we aren’t conscious to get that it’s too cloudy and sunrise happened already. #sostupidsometimes


As usually we had our breakfast and started roaming on the streets visiting the french colony, embassy and clicked some insanely stunning photos. Although they don’t allow visitors to take clicks near the embassy premises, we can make use of the street start and end fortunately that’s on the corner too 😀

The main reason for visiting Pondi by anyone is to see the vintage french buildings and their culture. It’s a delightful experience to see homes with bright yellow/white or saffron colours and filled with greenery in the courtyard with no mess or pollution.

Here is the glimpse of few structures. 

French Soldiers War Memorial
French Colony
Le Jardin Suffren

In the evening, we went to Hope Cafe and Aura Cafe which are pretty good. The best for that matter. We came to know that we’re staying on the same lane of that cafe but we’re reaching there by crossing all the way through the market. Must appreciate the manager at Hope Cafe who gave us the town map and guided us how to spend our short time before our departure.

Hope Cafe
The Pasta Bar Veneto
Aura Cafe

If there’s something to share about the food places in Pondi, anyone will list you out the cafe’s only. Out of all the cafe’s, we felt Hope Cafe is the better one and their signature joy shakes are fabbbb.. We’re delighted to spend sometime in the midst of these art works and enjoyed drinking The Joy Booster hardly Rs. 180/- and definitely need 2 people to finish it off 😛

Hope Cafe

Next day morning we booked ola to reach Pondicherry Bus Station and we started off to chennai around 11.45 a.m for catching the Charminar Express.  Unfortunately, we got bus 30 mins late and costed us to track the time reaching Koyambedu bus station. As we’re supposed to reach Koyambedu bus station for reaching the Chennai Central but we got down at Nandanam with no clue and only relying on ola/uber, then booked a ride to Chennai central which saved us 2 hrs almost (1 hr bus time to reach Koyambedu and 40 mins to Chennai central from Koyambedu) and got into train 30 mins early ^_^

Even the journey ending is so fascinating as the Chennai Central Railway Station is like a vintage architecture and the railway station interior is like a cocoon where the trains arrive inside the building and rests on the platforms. Though range of food isn’t that up-to the mark, one can settle down in the seating bay with a couple of sandwiches/dosa.

How to reach Pondicherry :

Bus : The most ideal way to reach Pondi is catching the bus from Koyambedu Bus Station via Puducherry State Transport or Tamil Nadu State Transports which takes 4 hrs from Chennai to Pondicherry and charges Rs. 250/- per head.

Train : There are only two trains from chennai that runs to Pondi which are passengers which costs not more than Rs. 100/- (not suggesting personally) and the nearest station is Villupuram from where one can opt for cab services.

Air : Flight service is available only through spicejet which costs around 3k on an average per person and is quite near to the town. 

Places to eat :

Many people suggested Bakers street but for some unknown reason we didn’t find it special at all.

We’d suggest :

  • Hope Cafe
  • Aura Cafe
  • Udupi Ruchi 
  • Cafe des Arts
  • Dilliwaala6

Swiggy works good, Domino’s/Pizzahut is available so no worries and you can give a try by discovering through Maps more while roaming on a bike.. Bet you’ll love it.

Places to visit :

Well this is a huge list to share and i’d like mention few which are convenient and made us feel to visit again.

  • Beach Front
  • French Colony
  • Auroville
  • Puducherry Museum
  • Old Port Tier

Below two beaches are on either sides of Pondicherry so it is advised to visit/start at one spot and end at your departing side. 

  • Paradise Beach (Best to start your journey where you can have time to enjoy in beach and shacks)
  • Serenity Beach (Almost everyone prefers for the sunrise which can be witnessed from slightly inside the shore)


Uff!! Although I didn’t covered completely, this gave me a pinch of satisfaction. 


Until next travel,

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