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1 year for Ritviz’s Sage


Few days ago, on a so annoying day my friend played a song that I didn’t find interesting at all. As usually, I just confronted making mimic of the tune and we stopped it. Later, she showed the video and I was quite surprised to find the composition in such a fresh way. Since then, it was on loop for two days and after I realized that the song has been released quite long back in 2017. It was Udd Gaye and as I got to know about the writer Ritviz and the story behind the song makes it more kind of heartfelt. At that point, I started liking this guy and began listening to every track he composed.

While every track he composed is amazing, I find Sage a bit more close to the heart and I don’t know why. More of a fresh beat in the beginning of the song or fed-up with the infinite remixes of Dj tracks/album releases in Bollywood.

Sage is all about a guy who is living a bored and lonley life as everyone abandons him everywhere in his day-to-day life and he come across a girl who likes him. Her presence in his life changes his routine so drastically like she uplifts his spirits, make everything perfect to him and more than that it was captured so beautifully that you can’t stop falling in love with the whole theme.

Sage (Ritviz)

Dar Gai who directed the song must be appreciated very much in finding the essence of the lead role played by Kushal Shah and supporting role by Aisha Ahmed. The peculiar detailing they carried out in reflecting the charactersticks of each role is impressive right from the beginning how organized the Giant man to the differences that stresses out when they become a pair.

Must say Aisha Ahmed indeed showed her grace in captivating the audience and their chemistry is perfectly composed. To the tune, I feel Dar Gai truly justified with the scenes she recorded. Even one can find #DoWhatMovesYou and #Bacardi unlike a commercial promo in a subtle way.

If you look at the BTS they released in early 2020, you’ll realize the efforts they put in to portray the theme without losing the minute details like the icing after looking towards him for long-time, grabbing the shoes before heading to shower, the life how he is leading till she comes into his life.. Just WOW!!

What else can I say, totally blown away with the direction for a perfect song. I know this sounds more of like praising Dar Gai than Ritviz’s tune however I can’t deny the fact she is doing outstanding work in every song.

Every film by Dar Gai is unique and fresh. I don’t know how to appreciate her more than this but if I get a chance I’d defnitely make a bio post on her 😛 Until next time lemme enjoy the latest track of Ritviz’s Chalo Chalein and Raahi.


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