Rock Beach

2 Veggies.. 2 days.. 2 Pondicherry

Attention Pondicherry.. WE ARE COMING!! The excitement and the Adrenaline/Oxytocin rush while planning or heading to Pondicherry is so filmy for us. Not just because it is a must visit destination on a weekend or for a vacation but also the event occurred in the journey from the beginning. Our leaves got approved unexpectedly, drizzles …

Cannoli Cafe

Cannoli Cafe

Being an outsider, when people often mentioning “Let’s hangout at a cafe”, I always thought that the ambiance and the vibe is so unique then started exploring cafes in the city. Though, I went to 10+ best rated cafes in the city, I must mention this Cannoli cafe is #1 among them. Yeah, I’ve few other cafes …