Tasty bites ft Soundarya


Seems like the whole pandemic came to an end.

Although, it’s not quite literally over but with the emergence of vaccine trials, it appears to be a solution is out there very soon.

We, people are so stupid. Yes, we’re stupid to resist ourselves from roaming outside for shopping and eateries. And the same us cage the poor creatures in the sanctuaries for conservation. Irony is we couldn’t withstand with that life for couple of weeks but we treat them for their lifetime.

Okay, this is flowing in some other way. I’d like to rant out my life-saving/guilty pleasures towards food in this pandemic times.

I’ve never tried myself cooking while growing-up or after moving to the city but this lockdown made it mandate to learn the essential chore. Like most of the men in India who don’t interfere in cooking stuff all these years, this lockdown made them realize how vital it is to respect the one who prepares food at home and figure out why it feel so bad to waste the prepared food.

Be it in hotel, restaurant, cafe, bakery, everywhere we leave the food if we feel it’s heavy or tastes bad because we got the privilege that we paid for it. Now everyone thinks twice before ordering and find ways for the food wasted even — which is a good turn. Like I said before, Pandemic corrected humans to live better.

So, my lockdown food journey started with preparing dosa’s which are really easy and can try 2-3 different varieties once you understand the proportions of mixing the ingredients. Though, it is not really a tough job to share explanation it is worth sharing the excitement of our first attempt πŸ˜€ Esp. when there’s no scope to rely on food outside.

One might wonder what’s up with the title. Let me clarify that, Soundarya is the one who saved me from tempting to outside food and prepared all by herself. If there’s something that she bought so useful in 2020 then that would be the OTG.

Oven Toaster Grillers in short OTG used for baking prominently. Reconnect OTG

One good reason why we opted this beauty is the availability in this lockdown and affordable price.

After curating many results and brands we ended up choosing Reconnect from Reliance Digital. It costed usΒ  β‚Ή 4,199/-. Fortunately, it is still at the same price.Β Check out : Reconnect 28L

Don’t forget that we bought 28 litres capacity 1500w one and the rest of the journey is history.

Buying Advice : Always try to buy for higher capacity esp. more than 25L irrespective of the brand and also look after the power consumption. Personally, we felt that power utilization of OTG is similar to a Geyser.

What’s cooking!! If someone asks so, we’ve no clue as we’ve covered most of the dishes we used to order in the weekends. Here’s a glimpse πŸ˜€

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