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Must Watch Movies #2


I’d love to share the sensational movies that are really driving me crazy to watch on the big screen. Despite of Netflix, Amazon and many other streaming apps as a Movie Lover, I always want to watch movies in theatres only. But with the quality of the content and the price we pay for the tickets I think twice before hitting a movie.

Well, here are few teasers that are really worth going to watch on the big screen. These days half of the movie is releasing through teaser, sneak peek, trailers and even song promos which makes less curious while watching in real time however I felt these trailers are potentially good enough to watch even after knowing what’s the theme and the plot (probably) 😛

Hindi Medium which knocked our lives earlier with the sensibilities is going to rock theatres again in March as Angrezi Medium starring Irrfan, Kareena, Radhika Madan, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Tripathi as main lead.

I must say the trailer completely stolen my heart. The versatility in the emotions portrayed by Irrfan as a father who goes to all the extent beyond his capabilities to fulfill the wish of his daughter Radhika in the film is pretty emotional.

And the presence of bebo is something drove me crazy 😛 Radhika’s performance is even stunning.

Ever since I watched this movie updates, I was so curious and felt this is going to drive me crazy while watching.

Not just for the fact that Fahad is the main lead or Nazriya casting beside him but the song Noolupoya brought the difference.

While watching this trailer I felt like mann… Those claps and the beats in sync made the trailer pretty interesting.

Well, movie got released already in theatres and people gave a positive response. Yet, I haven’t watched because I am from another state -_- Looking forward though 😀

February 2020 is definitely seems like Dulquer’s month. Back to back releases and with pretty good interest content. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is visually appealing with respect to cinematography and the cast is also sensational. Gautham menon on one side, Duqluer on the other side along with the gorgeous Ritu Varma.

As a telugu guy, I am fond of her from Anukokunda her debut short film. Still I love her for her style, beauty and elegance.

Keeping it aside, the story shows you the narration of a guy who wants to live today kinda type got into some mischievous business and  how he’s going to deal with the after effects beside his love track.

While the other movie I felt interesting is Varane Avashyamund starring Suresh gopi, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Shobana.. Ufffff such a mighty cast right.

Here’s the glimpse of movie in 2.31 mins. Andd andd what really made me happy is the presence of Shobana as I feel it’s been so long to watch her on screen and the dance of course. From Dalapathi (in Telugu) to till now. The action sequence of Suresh Gopi, a bit of comedy and love looks good.

Above all, I feel there’s much fun.. Even this movie got released this month 😀

Nani’s production Wallposter cinema presenting the flick HIT starring Vishwaksen and Ruhani sharma is a thriller, another promising trailer with tight bound screenplay. Strangely, they’ve released a sneak peek in advance which justified the hype built recently.

Thrillers are always interesting to watch even this flick seems to be like a edge seat one as the crew declared officially that they’ve delivered hit after viewing their work output.

Well, HIT seems to be the story of a cop who investigates a girl’s missing case and his journey while he tries to crack the crime.

Nani — This name is so popular as a nickname in Telugu states and the guy is much popular now. This year he is rocking theatres so badly like with his 2nd production Hit which is good enough to be a hit again.

With his major love acting, Nani is back with V movie sharing screen with Nivetha Thomas, Sudheer Babu. What’s more interesting is the combination of Mohan krishna Indraganti and Nani. Their combo works as a flawless super thriller genre and worth watching.

This teaser shows the other shade of Nani as a protagonist in his 25th film and Sudheer babu as a main lead in cop character.. Hype enough to watch 😛

I know that feeling on looking at him. Yes, Rana Daggubati is coming up again to bang theatres much loudly than his earlier solo films.

What makes it special..?

Well, for the fact that he spent 150 days in the forests and the pinch of story extracted from the life of Jadav Payeng — The Forest Man of India.

A single human being who built a forest alone at the River Brahmaputra Basin conserving and giving home to many wild life creatures.

Apart from that I guess, the trailer portrays the hard work and love they put in the craft. Well, to speak about the craft of film making and story telling, I guess Rana is the best capable person in the current young generation. Here’s my madness about him..  Feel free to give a 6 mins read, I bet you’ll start loving his work motto 😀

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