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The Reel Hero | Rana Daggubati


Before giving a heroic introduction to the mighty hero whom I like the most probably admire, let me fulfil my desire to express the madness in words.

Daggubati — The clan that has been entertaining the Telugu People for more than 50 years and this guy completed his 10 years now in 2020. Imagine 3 generations completely dedicating their lives to a single industry. Ramanaidu, I think I should add some respect rather than mentioning the name simply for his devotion towards film craft. Ramanaidu garu — Founder of Suresh Productions who raised production and industry standards where filming is a glamour world to films are the reflection of our lives.

Till today, if there’s any one reason why their family members are still so dedicated in the craft for values is his nurture. It is not exaggerated to say as the disciples or the stars who started their careers in his hands are also the same. The respect they give to the craft is something magical.

People though call it a money driving business, sometimes they can’t see the other where a production house feed nearly 100 families on making a single film. Now calculate for 50 years and producing more than 100 films how much living they offered. And despite of intrusions from Prime, Netflix and many streaming apps which affected the average audience rate visiting theatre these legendary houses never stopped making films and for that fact I admire them the most.

• Wish I can see those 100 days celebrations again like back in those good olden days •


RaNa — I doubt that no one would get this kinda unique name from their predecessors. Short form from RamaNaidu garu, grand father and father to Suresh babu, father of Rana and Son of Ramanaidu garu.

In this millennial, we are naming our kids or star’s kids with this acronyms but RaNa was born in 1984 😀 Now you get that vision definition 😛

So why RaNa is so special to me?

Not for me.. For most of the young generation and definitely post Baahubali success across the world so many people started loving this giant soul.

However, I like him more for the person he portrays although we never knew the other shade of anyone but when you are in the limelight your presence and appearance should make some difference.

Well, he makes and made the difference. In fact, his own family is quite surprised to see him in the field which they’ve been living for the past 3 to 4 decades.

It’s because of his unique style in caring the craft and the knowledge he possess.  He has the ability to learn many crafts and deliver accordingly in such a way the recipient irrespective of the age can grasp the gist of the subject he’s speaking about.

Have a look at the below interviews to get shocked. Ted X event shows his love on story telling.

Here’s a teaser released recently which made me publish this post immediately as I’ve been trying to gather words quite from a week or so.


1. Story Telling

The Art of Story Telling is the biggest magic one can ever do I feel. As we can take the liberty to let thousands to listen and make them drive into a crazy world beyond imagination. And RaNa is a great lover of it.

Why — Simply because he brought up amongst the film making which he mentioned so many times in the interviews. Like his daily routine while going to school would be making a note of collection in theatres on that first day, first show or having breakfast in the set. Later, he learnt the craft of visual graphics etc etc and now he stood, encourage and promote story telling from the vintage classics like Amar Chitra Katha

2. Fraternity

He’s the one in the who mingles with everyone and makes friends irrespective of the category. I’m saying this because I’ve seen no other actor in the industry until recent times who has a good rapport precisely too good rapport almost with every star. And in this context, I’d love to share that his talk show Mc Dowell’s No. 1 Yaari with RaNa – Season 3 is going to be telecast soon.

3. Craft

He loves the craft so madly like I don’t think there’s any other actor in this generation who took it so seriously without any negativity to spread, share, encourage, support and stood with it all the time. He produced National Award film Bommalata long back, promoted Baahubali across globe especially to reach bollywood industry, presented C/o Kancharlapalem and the centre of attraction in almost all the movie releases. Such a pleasant watch to witness him on the stage every time as irrespective of the release he attended, his way of addressing the cast/crew is more like a childhood friend taunting on stage yet with a warmth love.

4. Acting

This genre is a different genre in his career I believe as we can see in the 10 years teaser, like his uncle Venkatesh said no one has really any clue what he is as an actor but everyone knew that RaNa Daggubati is an incredible ACTOR. Belief is something different from Proving and in his case, he has proved himself in his debut film “Leader” in the native state and with “Baahubali” across the globe.

His choice of films is versatile. He doesn’t need any pattern of films like a schema. I still remember what Prabhas told while promoting Baahubali — When Prabhas got injured in a horse stunt scene, he couldn’t make appearing on set for 2 months and in that span RaNa finished a movie in hindi and it is “Baby”.

If you see his career right from Leader to the upcoming Aranya.. It’s Incredible!!

Ghazi an inspirational historical flick, Krishnam Vande Jagadguram another promising content film, no words left for Baahubali, Nene Raju Nene Mantri another political hit, Dum Maaro Dum the hindi debut. Even his cameo appearances are quite interesting like in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani before Kabira song, in Aarambam acting beside Ajith and latest N.T.R.. Mannnn!!! Such an impressive journey.

What not!! He acted as a Villain, Hero, Character Artist in mythological, historical and political dramas even. Now he is coming with Aranya (Haathi mere saathi) which triggered me actually to compose this post.

RaNa’s journey in this film is another story in fact his journey behind the shoot in Aranya and Baahubali is pretty enough for making another flick I’d say.

He spent almost 150 days in the forests of Thailand away from the routine lifestyle and lost 15 kgs . His interviews while he share his experiences in the making of film Aranya literally leaves you the hard work and the love he has on the craft beside bringing up the movie like Aranya earns him much more respect. The detailing while filming or the the influence of the life in forest on his personal life is beyond words. Anyone who went for a trek can experience the glimpse of it, I’m so sure about that.

And this concludes why RaNa is so special to me but

Why I’d love to post because of Aranya?

As he always say that there is no industry for the craft like bollywood, tollywood, hollywood.. It’s just the camera and the actor in frame. In the same way, there’s supreme power beyond nature, I say even God is apart of nature and forests are the signature for nature. They leave the imprints on how to evolve after a destruction just like the regrowth of greenery in the forests of Australia which got burnt in the wild fires last year.

Being a 90’s kid who saw quite both sides of technology and witnessed the gradual change in the environment yet this drastic fall in the sustainability of human living is unlike before. In fact this is not gradually spoiled and if one can see the graph evidently we can find the rapid change in the nature. From regular shift in seasonal habits to melting of ice mountains in Antarctica. Everything is interlinked with the actions we take and still we are reluctant to change even after experiencing choking scenes in Delhi and rapid shift of glaciers.

Amidst of all these man-made actions, what sin does those poor creatures committed? We robbed their life stock, we preyed on their lives, we occupied their space and one among us showed up how beautiful it would be if we give back what we took with love not mercy. The story of Jadav Payeng who built forest in the Brahmaputra basin is a base to narrate this film and in real tell me who’s going to leave the current lifestyle and plants trees for 30+ years. Still most of us are not aware of him. That sacrifice made by him, I feel bad to call it sacrifice — His gesture is indebted forever.

Well, this paragraph about Aranya is supposed to be the heading and highlight of the blog yet I intentionally put it at the end because if there’s no presence of the above 3 values I don’t think Rana could’ve been in this phase.

Because of all these factors, I feel he is the Reel Hero

Now after Aranya, two more films are going to release starring RaNa Daggubati in the main lead which he is reluctant to share right now yet the films are titled as Virata Parvam and Hiranya Kashyapa allegedly.

Looking forward for the stunning surprise from this amazing actor on March 3rd to make us shout loud in theatres with Aranya feeling like we are living in the forest and making us realise our moral duty.

Until next time,

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