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It’s lockdown !! None of us ever experience this kind of living but slowly we’re progressing towards normal life #newnormal. And here are a bunch of young people who formed as a group starting ASBB TRUST. Everyone in the group shows keen interest in serving the people who are in needy.

I got to know about ASBB through my friend who’s a volunteer and believe me they aren’t serving poor just for the sake of it. They’re travelling, planning and organizing things so extensively that you won’t believe even.

Not only for the general public with food and sanitizing equipment, but also for the frontline workers they’re assisting with required masks. What else made me feel to share about ASBB now is their plans to continue even after the lockdown relaxations.

I’ve donated some amount up to my extent and if you feel that ASBB activities are reliable and the individuals efforts are really commendable, do reach out and show some appreciation.

Here’s a glimpse of their activities and couple of links to reach out if you’re interested.

If you are interested to collaborate do reach out on their social handle : Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Or you may reach out to Sumit Jain

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