Vision #2020 – Verdict


2020..  Guess, there’s no other year which is so renowned in the millennium ever since we started growing up. And definitely, none of us expected that a whole year is going to alter our lives so drastically also.

Everyone planned so much in the beginning of 2020 to make it iconic in their lifetime on a different note. Also, there are few like me who don’t find any difference 😀 However, 2020 brought immense changes in the lives of every human being from their daily routine to their perspective towards life.

What exactly we are striving for?

Some may call it as reality check, some may call it well-deserved change. Whatever it might be, after going through all the lockdowns and innumerable emotions, In the end everyone remained to be the same stupid pre-2020 souls who struggles for our existence in the unknown competition laid by our diplomats, corporates and many more..

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? – I bet you could’ve answered this well if you didn’t come across pandemic. But if you’ve to you’ll think twice because the future is indefinite. Won’t you agree?

How much assurance do you’ve on our lives? Of course, if you’re not the one who follows the after-effects and possibilities of virus strain impacts, there’s nothing that’s going to impact. But the reality is out there in the name of Climate Emergency.

In fact, usually emergency also won’t retain this long. We’ve been listening the same term for almost since 4-5 years.

When everyone is remembering the good and bad happenings in 2020, I felt how much I learnt out of Pandemic.

Here’s a glimpse of my 2020 journey that resonates me.

Aspects which didn’t went well and aren’t truly good for an individual made me the list of resolutions for 2021 coz’ Life is short


We got a break from our BIGGEST ROUTINE like waking up at 7 a.m., prepping up to commute in the terrible traffic and reaching to office/school/college timely.  So, here’s my routine to match what went wrong and same with yours 😀

Pandemic Habits – The Lockdown Life

Whole-heartedly, I want to bring things into control as mentioned in the above link.


If there’s something that most of us started/been part of this pandemic is choosing entertainment and binge-watch became a part of our new routine. Thanks to Work From Home plans from the service providers like Vodafone/Airtel and content providers like Netflix/Discovery. Also, to every mighty multi-national company who came forward.

Best shows to binge watch in pandemic

Couple of shows that entertained me in the pandemic without being lost mentally.

Tasty bites

Lockdown offered me to try cooking on my own though I remained on the first step but got a chance of enjoying various recipes at home instead of trying in the regular outlet.

Lockdown bites ft Soundarya

More details will be updated soon individually on each recipe.


Every since I heard the news that the markets hit badly and got to know that Dow Jones plunged, my curiosity raised much towards the economy.  How a nation runs? How an international market impacts our nation? But it triggered me a lot when I came across Bitcoin halving.

Money Management – Baby steps

Essential skill that is neglected by almost everyone of us since childhood. Maybe it’s time to learn now.


Time. Something we lack in our daily routine usually and all of sudden we became so free to explore every interest we child suppressed unknowingly.

Honestly, I turned out to focus more on this blog on how to showcase it more professional and commercially viable.

Though, commercial aspect didn’t work and appears to be in the near time but it offered me a great scope in exploring so many tools and applications in the process of bringing my thoughts to reality. Right from making a logo using various apps like Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva to tutorials on Pro-create.

Discovering Myself – Pandemic Gift

If Pinterest isn’t out there then it could’ve been more boring, that’s a different note 😀


Lockdown gave so much time to self-introspect and think twice about the surroundings. Everyone is a nature-lover, one can’t go away and shut themselves when gentle breeze strikes through or plugin headsets near the sea waves.

Whenever I came across the news that dolphins appeared in the fresh waters like Mumbai’s Marine drive or roaming of wild animals on the roads of sub-urban cities — there are so many thoughts that really made me uncomfortable.

And the loss of renowned people in various fields esp. from film fraternity. In a nation like India, Cricketers and Film celebrities are more like a family as we grew up watching them and that doesn’t confined only to local film industry. I bet, 1 out of 3 Indians are movie buffs.

Moving forward

If we don’t come out of this pandemic with — “A New Skill/More Knowledge/Better Health”, Probably we never lacked time.. We lacked Discipline.

Until next time,

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