What if.. she is..

We all have some stories.. Stories that we come across, few stories we heard from our besties, tales from the random strangers shared on a cocktail party (probably when they’re out completely 😜) And no story without a teenage girl isn’t that confusing (Until 30, everyone is a teenager in this context)

Randomly we hear so many argument stories from one person in a relationship and I felt one to post — not just because it’s interesting but the fact that how a person can make the other so mad about them 😈

As long as people in a relationship are happy there will be nothing to point out.. But by chance they get any rift, cards start showing the true colors. Here is an instance I saw where a girl breaks up with the guy telling few genuine reasons after some long relationship and how confused he was even after she cleared the air..

Listen xxxx, we can’t be together anymore.. You’re not settled and I’m reaching 30. I can no longer take the stress between balancing the work life and personal life every month with the EMI/Loan baggage. Moreover I can no longer put my parents in a despair position about my marriage which I dragged all these years. I know I made the choice till now but please understand that I can no longer be able to stay the same..

Unlike the past one week fights we had about my office people who are so close and I can’t give time to you when they pings me. Moreover, you didn’t put any effort to surprise me on my birthday which is the least I expect. And if you insist I’ll stay with you until I get married but you should keep me happy.

***No judgements please***

He got multiple thoughts in brain.. What exactly is my mistake.

Is she pointing out that I’m not settled yet so she wants to break up with me or

I didn’t surprise her after asking me so many times about planning that day or

She is indirectly conveying that I’m intruding her personal space with my habituated routine.

*** Here comes what if***

This can be felt by anyone who’s deeply fond of someone and their absence leaves us in a bubble of illusion.

• What if.. She’s protecting me from shattering after the break-up by pointing these reasons

• What if.. She’s truly conveying the fact that this isn’t going to workout and I’m making assumptions of her treating me in a healthy way.

• What if.. She’s not having any idea of this and simply broke up for the rest of her peaceful life

• What if.. She was truly fed up with me and terribly hating me to this extent

What if I’m wrong in all these aspects..


For any third person, the fact is so clear that she said “NO” to their relationship and he isn’t ready to deal with it. But is it true that everyone who passed through this phase have similar scenarios??

Drop your comments and let me know..

P. S: This can happen vice versa as well..


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