World’s 1st Solar Airport – Cochin Airport


I know most of you who’re reading this title might wondered why am I posting so lately. I’m the one among many who doesn’t know that an Airport was transformed to run completely on Solar Power until recent times. And when I heard that it is the first green airport i’m delighted. On the top when I found it is in India, my brain started boggling with many thoughts 😀

I read few articles, watched few videos and seen many pictures from various sources (hope they don’t mind for using here).. To those who are surprised with the title and wondering about the journey, this is a glimpse as a token under Eco-steps tag in my tiny blog 🙂

Cochin International Airport is the 7th busiest airport in India which handles nearly 1000 flights in a week and spreads over 37.06 acres approx. They’ve installed nearly 47,000 solar panels near the Airport which facilitates the operations completely run on solar power thereby avoiding the regular nuclear/thermal power sources.

Thanks to V. J. Kurian, Managing Director of CIAL whose vision is green and truly visionary. This solar project generates 50,000 units of electricity from 15 M.W solar station constructed adjacent to Cargo Complex. Well, this is pretty confusing with the numbers really but few points that struck me when I heard and probably you might felt the same I guess.

  • We aren’t depending on solar power for our homes/daily routine, how can they made it for airport.
  • How they’ll manage the power supply in the night and in rainy season when it’s not sunny at all.
  • Why no one made this a buzz when this is such a great initiative and why government isn’t stepping bluntly towards nature.

I can’t ask “does this really works for those big birds?” as it already happened” 😀

Recently, they’ve cultivated 40 tonnes of vegetables through solar power.. What can we ask.. What should we have to do?

Well, someone showed a way and if every roof in our country is filled with solar panel then I guess no need to dig those natural resources in coal mines/oceans in the name of power/ bringing the imbalance to the eco-system and many more like the health/welfare of the hard workers in those refineries even.

Until next eco-step,

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