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Ever wondered why people edit their pictures or got frustrated after hearing to people “let me edit my picture” yaaaarr!!!

Sounds very familiar noooo.. We all so often listen to these statements but in real do you’ve any idea how it works. How much really is that needed and how it is originated. Think about the significance.

Well, let me throw you a sample example..

Suppose you are looking at a flower and it is red in colour. As we all are aware (I got to know after going for shopping with my friend though :P) Red has plenty of shades. If you took a snap, view in your phone and then if you can find only one shade of red — that’s where edit strikes place.

Even our eyes are not really ultra perfect in viewing. For an instance, if you keep your finger so near to your eye .. the vision will be blurry and if you keep moving slightly farther, the vision becomes clear until a minimum point where the starting smallest range to view with perfect clarity exists (varies with people having sight also #kidding). It’s the same thing with cameras as well. I believe we call it as focal length.

So, Today i’m introducing my bestie Soundarya portraying her best skill while starting a new journey with Wotta Pic ^_^


In her words,Sona

                      Wotta Pic is her joy of work where she delivers the best output of any capture portraying the true colour and portray more realistic. 

Few people would love to find their pictures dramatic though and sometimes that works indeed beautiful. To be precise, the original capture is also plays key factor though. Personally, true colours which we’ve seen through naked eye are really heartfelt and matching them with technology is challenging where 99% people finds it difficult and yet I choose to make it happen 🙂 

— After all without a definite memory, what exactly a life is meant to be!!

Any artwork which strikes balance or brings back the heartfelt moment is a one-time memory. We care and consider them as a precious gift..

Remember those days people uses those candycam, bg12 etc filter cam apps. Thanks to Xiaomi/Oppo/Vivo now they’re offering by default 😛

What’s more surprising is all she need is a mobile and a good snap without losing pixels (preferably).

Rock Beach

Without wasting any time further here is a quick glimpse of her showcase which made people jaw-dropping most of the time. One might think that people around her are so kind but that doesn’t work on social platforms where you got the liberty to express anything. However, she got her own style of “symmetry” on her Instagram profile as well 🙂

Until next time,

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